Syracuse, New York Rock Music: 1960s - 1970s
Sam & The Twisters

They were fixtures on the Syracuse scene, and enjoyed considerable backing from local top forty radio WNDR. Sam Amato, Mickey Palumbo, Jan Fatterly, and Al Wolf were Sam and the Twisters.

History -

The Drummer, Jan Fetterly (an inductee of the Syracuse Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), started his musical career with Sam and the Twisters, Syracuses's FIRST rock n roll band, in 1959 along with Al Wolf and Mickey Palumbo. This wildly successful group recorded original hits with Fooba Wooba John and Baron Daemon's Transylvania Twist, among others. After Sam Amato (or is it Armada?) retired in 1968, the group changed it's name to the Livin' Ennd, adding guitarist Dave Pasternack and vocalist Sandy Bigtree. Fred Sweet later replaced Dave and after Sandy's departure with a short stint by Judy Dag, Dan Elliot (of the Monterays) performed with the group for awhile. Alas, all good things must end and the group called it quits in 1974.

Songs -

Fooba Wooba John - 1963 (as Original Soundtracks)
Come On Lets Go - 1963 (as Original Soundtracks)
Jim Obrien Theme / TV Appearance
Transylvania Twist - 1963 - With Mike Price - "The silly sawtooth (Baron Daemon) even recorded the hit novelty tune "Transylvania Twist," a rewrite of the Sam and the Twisters' 1963 local hit "Fooba Wooba John," albeit with a coffin-kicking beat and graveyard lyrics to match ("Grab a hold of your baby and hold her tight/ 'Cause Baron Daemon is flying tonight/ If you see a weird shadow or hear a strange sound/ Scream your little heads off, the Baron's around."). "Twist" moved an astonishing 12,000 copies in the Syracuse market back in 1963 to become the area's top-selling local record ever". - from 1999 New Times interview
White Horses - (as The Livin' Ennd)

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