Some Nostalgia from the AM Radio Days

( in the 1960s)

Weekly Hit Lists

WFBL AM 1390
[IMG] WFBL List 1959-09-05 Front 144k [IMG] WFBL List 1959-09-05 Back 61k

WNDR AM 1260
[IMG] WNDR List 1966-06-03 Front 95k [IMG] WNDR List 1966-06-03 Back 96k

[IMG] WNYS List 1965-06-04 Front 86k

WOLF AM 1490
[IMG] WOLF List 1961-03-12 Front 88k [IMG] WOLF List 1961-03-12 Back 64k
[IMG] WOLF List 1961-07-02 Front 69k [IMG] WOLF List 1961-07-02 Back 61k
[IMG] WOLF List 1961-11-19 Front 59k [IMG] WOLF List 1961-11-19 Back 57k
[IMG] WOLF List 1966-06-04 Front 64k

The Games at WOLF

[IMG] WOLF game 1961-03 Front 58k [IMG] WOLF game 1961-03 Back 34k
[IMG] WOLF game 1961-07 Front 69k [IMG] WOLF game 1961-07 Back 48k
[IMG] WOLF game 1962-03 Front 91k [IMG] WOLF game 1962-03 Back 114k

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