Wendi Kawa's Home Page
Wendi Kawa's Home Page

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Well, here's my story kids. Once upon a time...., no, let's skip that stuff and just say that I grew up in Solvay , New York and went to Solvay High School in, guess where, Solvay N.Y., then I attended Broome Tech in Binghamton, New York. Next, I wandered the country to Arizona and attended ASU in Tempe, Arizona, majoring in the sciences and computers. I have been involved with these tempermental critters and their programming since college, and have extensive experience in C programming & UNIX, and Perl. I have a patent and a bunch of technical publications. I am now involved in several activities including several websites and a photography business called Tiffany Photography.

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My Lunchbox Store Tiffany Photography My Collectables Store
My MySpace Lots of My Photos The Mesa 4 Wheelers

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Technical Information
and Schematics on our
Hammond H-100 Series Organ


Children's 78 RPM Records


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Brianna Witt

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Patricia Schlief Tribute



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